Monday, 30 January 2012

A photo a (almost-every)day #2

A photo a (almost-every)day #2 :
Yesterday was the last day of holiday before I go back to work. The whole week of Chinese New Year celebrations was amazing and I really enjoyed the break. Wore my cheongsam for the last time before it goes into the wardrobe until the next opportunity to dress up :)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

A photo a (almost-every)day #1

A photo a (almost-every)day #1 : 

Went to a live basketball match for the first time today. It was Malaysia vs Vietnam, and Malaysia won 97-86. Thoroughly enjoyed the game and built up my guts to ask to take a picture with one of the players. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Nomad

There was once a little boy who was a nomad. 
Ever since he could remember, he survived on fruits he picked in the wild. 
He knew not where he came from, or who his parents were.
He made friends with everyone. 
Little animals were his playmates and they wrapped him warm when he slept at night.

Sometimes he would roam out of the wild and into civilisation.
He enjoyed looking at how humans lived, how they walked around in their smart attires to work
And the beautiful buildings - such a vast difference from his habitat of tall trees and prickly bushes.
He would sometimes build up his courage to speak to the people who he met.

When they spoke of their important jobs, and what they hoped to buy with the money they made - 
He would stay silent and listen intently. 
He listened in awe and wonder at how humans just like him could do such amazing things.
Build such majestic buildings, work at such high-flying jobs, do so much!
Most of the time, they would continue talking and he would happily listen.

But most of all, he always looked forward to listening to them talk about their families.
He loved listening to how parents spoke proudly of their children and the places they would bring them to enjoy the weekend together - but often to his disappointment, these conversations were few. 
He would often imagine having a family of his own, and parents who cared for him.

Sometimes when they stopped for a moment and wondered about this boy who seemed so different,
He would quietly tell them about how he lived.
Sometimes they would listen in disbelief at how he did not even know who his parents were, 
And how he had to look for a place to lay his head every night.
But mostly they never even listened.

One night after a long day wandering around one of the biggest cities he had ever been in, 
Little Nomad lay down on a big wide rock and gazed at the stars that filled the sky.
The conversations he had had with the people he met that day were running through his head.
Someone had asked him that day -
"Why don't you come live in the city? You speak our language, there shouldn't be a problem for you to get a job just like us and stay happily here instead of hunting and living such a wild life in the wilderness."
He fell asleep that night underneath the stars with this question on his mind.

As the Little Nomad grew up and became a strong young man,
He would take care of the little animals who had become his family.
When they were sick, he would search far and wide for medicinal leaves to cure their illnesses.
The animals could see how kind he was and often brought him gifts to show their appreciation for his kindness.

The Nomad still sometimes visited the cities to see how they had developed,
But he no longer spoke to the humans there.
He had been too disappointed the last time when he saw how selfish they were becoming and how their families were falling apart due to their self-centredness.

Sometimes as he lay beneath the stars, he still hoped for a life like theirs - 
Filled with blessings, love, and most importantly, a family.
A life where he would stop being a nomad, and settle down once and for all.
But he would be different from them.
He would be contented.