Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Writer beginner

'Someone' suggested to me that I should start writing a novel.
I laughed at the idea the moment it was out of his mouth.
But then he said I could begin by writing short stories, by writing random scenes, and then piecing it all together.
Now THAT seemed like a much easier task.
And so I did, I followed his advice and I started writing a little scene today.
I don't plan to let anyone look at it, but I really truly enjoyed it!
Being able to describe every little thing that I want to, to portray the picture in my mind with words, that feeling is just indescribable.

That little scene I created was so filled with my feelings and emotions that I felt proud of those 2 paragraphs.

I don't plan to be a writer, I just want to pen down my thoughts.

New template and Nuffnang, I'm finallly here!!

Wow, I've made sooo much progress with blogging today!
FINALLY I found a template which I adore. It's so cute and sweet at the same time, just what I was looking for.

I also just registered with Nuffnang. I've heard so much about it, but I don't know why I always thought it was exclusive to famouse bloggers. I honestly thought that they must have been attracting lots of blog-surfers to have been picked by Nuffnang to advertise for them. Thankfully that wasn't the case, I felt so so silly the moment I found out the truth about how the whole thing works, which wasn't too long ago unfortunately!

I'm so excited right now, I've got so many things in my mind that I want to blog about. If only I could do it from work! Lol don't tell anyone I said that. I am a good employee and I would never ever *think* of doing anything not work-related in the office. No no no, of course not. Never. Ever. Ahem.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Lovely Links :

Recently I've been stumbling across more and more and more lovely blogs from people all around the world. Who knew there were so many interesting happenings and going ons in the blogosphere?? Not me!

Well one thing I need to admit is that I've been pulled back into a love for nail polishes. I remember when I was in Standard 6 and my friend brought me to a beauty store and bought me my first nail polish, an amazing baby blue. I tried and tried to make it work for me, till a point when I just gave up all hope in ever getting a nice smooth finish, and not looking like a freak with disgusting fingers. I also remember in the (not so distant - just 9 months ago to be exact) past when I tried putting on nail polish for the 2nd time in my life, and it was as horrible as ever. It was then that I decided - I'm never EVER going to try putting on nail polish again.

Until....only a few months later..when I saw the most breathtaking nude nail polish on one of my colleague's fingers. Then I knew..I'm back. I went online and searched for nude polishes, and even though I'm definitely clueless about all else in the nail polish world, I knew one thing - OPI. So I typed "OPI nude nail polish" or something to that effect into Mr Google and what did I get? A whole list of websites with all sorts of swatches of nail polishes, all by people from different parts of the world!! Boy, was I excited. Since then, I regularly scoured website after website, amazed by the dedication of these authors, people who were so generous to swatch all these colours for us who find it so difficult to decide on which nail polish to get, there are just TOOOO many choices!

So just yesterday, I stumbled upon this blog:
And it so happened that Jessica is having a giveaway! The polishes she's giving out look so amazingly sweet that I couldn't wait to enter the giveaway, and hopefully win them! So if any of you are into nail polishes, especially sweet pastel ones, I highly recommend you to follow the few simple steps to enter her giveaway and stand a chance to win those fabulous prizes!

p/s: I've got loads more websites to share, and not just on nail polishes, but I found blogs on so many things I love! So look out for more updates from me in the future. I hope I stick to this resolution..=)

Monday, 22 March 2010

Would you miss me?

I used to wonder quite often when I was younger...
"Would I be missed if I suddenly died?"

Quite a weird thing to think about, especially considering that I was only in my teens at that time.
I guess I've always wanted to know what people think about me.

Even if it might not be very obvious to some of you, I do care very much about what people think of me. I might do certain things purely based on how certain people would view me, and the same for some things which I just wouldn't do because I'm afraid of being judged by others.

In short, I used to have really low self-esteem. I've improved so much, and have come such a long way from the little girl who didn't dare to even lift up her head when she entered a classroom, or order food from vendors at the 'medan' in front of her house.

BUT, I still care very much about what people think of me. What has changed though, is that even though I care, I don't let it bring me down anymore when I find out that someone doesn't think that I'm 'Perfect'. Instead, I try my best to be the person I want to be, with the qualities I want to have. Like I said in my previous post, the only person you actually do need to justify anything to is YOURSELF.

The me today would still like to know, how would you describe me if I suddenly left this world? And..would you miss me?

Sunday, 21 March 2010

I'm back

I learned that it is possible to change the way you think.
And that most of the time, the things you do weigh much much more than the things you say.
I learned that we shouldn't bother too much about what people think, and that the one and only person you need to justify your actions to, is you yourself.

I learned too that people are watching every move you make and listening to every word you say. Like it or not, the world is judging you all the time. And more often than we would like it, human nature is to judge negatively instantly the minute you make a wrong move. If you make a wrong move, don't act like its the end of the world. Don't be ashamed of yourself. Have confidence in yourself, and others will naturally respect you..for being able to stand up so quickly after making a mistake, and for learning from it.

I also learned that there are so many different ways in viewing something.
I learned not to judge other people for how they act, or the things they enjoy doing, or the things they like.
We are all unique individuals. If someone likes something which you don't, that doesn't make them wrong. Because who's to say that you're right?

Initially, I didn't plan to go watch Alice in Wonderland, because I saw in the trailers that the characters looked weird. I have never liked weird-looking things, hence the lack of interest. But when I entered the cinema, I told myself to put myself on the same plane as the director, and the cast in the movie. I put myself in a world where anything is possible. Where bright red curly hair, a huge gap between your front teeth, dark eye circles, huge heads, talking rabbits, sneaky-looking disappearing cats, were possible. And in this other world, these are the norm.
By putting myself in that dimension, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

And it taught my another lesson, that we all have our own opinions and tastes. No one is to say that we are wrong. And neither should we say that they are wrong, if they have different opinions from us.
If we can accept this, I think our lives would be all the more peaceful, and less irritable. =)