Sunday, 21 March 2010

I'm back

I learned that it is possible to change the way you think.
And that most of the time, the things you do weigh much much more than the things you say.
I learned that we shouldn't bother too much about what people think, and that the one and only person you need to justify your actions to, is you yourself.

I learned too that people are watching every move you make and listening to every word you say. Like it or not, the world is judging you all the time. And more often than we would like it, human nature is to judge negatively instantly the minute you make a wrong move. If you make a wrong move, don't act like its the end of the world. Don't be ashamed of yourself. Have confidence in yourself, and others will naturally respect you..for being able to stand up so quickly after making a mistake, and for learning from it.

I also learned that there are so many different ways in viewing something.
I learned not to judge other people for how they act, or the things they enjoy doing, or the things they like.
We are all unique individuals. If someone likes something which you don't, that doesn't make them wrong. Because who's to say that you're right?

Initially, I didn't plan to go watch Alice in Wonderland, because I saw in the trailers that the characters looked weird. I have never liked weird-looking things, hence the lack of interest. But when I entered the cinema, I told myself to put myself on the same plane as the director, and the cast in the movie. I put myself in a world where anything is possible. Where bright red curly hair, a huge gap between your front teeth, dark eye circles, huge heads, talking rabbits, sneaky-looking disappearing cats, were possible. And in this other world, these are the norm.
By putting myself in that dimension, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

And it taught my another lesson, that we all have our own opinions and tastes. No one is to say that we are wrong. And neither should we say that they are wrong, if they have different opinions from us.
If we can accept this, I think our lives would be all the more peaceful, and less irritable. =)

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