Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Writer beginner

'Someone' suggested to me that I should start writing a novel.
I laughed at the idea the moment it was out of his mouth.
But then he said I could begin by writing short stories, by writing random scenes, and then piecing it all together.
Now THAT seemed like a much easier task.
And so I did, I followed his advice and I started writing a little scene today.
I don't plan to let anyone look at it, but I really truly enjoyed it!
Being able to describe every little thing that I want to, to portray the picture in my mind with words, that feeling is just indescribable.

That little scene I created was so filled with my feelings and emotions that I felt proud of those 2 paragraphs.

I don't plan to be a writer, I just want to pen down my thoughts.

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