Tuesday, 6 April 2010

When in Bali, I shall..

I'm leaving for Bali in the morning, I don't know why but I keep feeling excited and then the excitement sort of dies down, and then I get excited again. Haha.

Really really really looking forward to the scenery there, and the atmosphere is just going to be so peaceful. Its just gonna be 3 of us girls, and I think we're all going to just relax over there rather than try to fit in so many things that we'll need a holiday after this holiday.

Some of the items on our itinerary:
-Tanah Lot temple
-Monkey Forest temple
-MASSAGE and SPA...mmmm the part I'm MOST looking forward to~
-Fresh seafood
-Kintamani volcano
-Bungee-jumping (for KF, not me!)
-Water sports and lazing around on the beach (slathered in sunblock of course..haha)

Ok I'm excited now! Hee! Pictures when I'm back~ Take care everyone, miss u all..

kim xxx

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