Monday, 12 April 2010

A lesson learned when I least expected it

There are some moments in time which we wish to relive over and over again. The scenes are relived in our minds, our thoughts. We could be in one place, but with our minds totally absent from the present scene..back to that place where we want to be, back to those few precious moments.

There are times when I am so extremely happy and contented with where I am and who I'm with, that I close my eyes..and I tell myself this.."Look where you are now. Remember this picture, breathe in the scent, make sure you remember this feeling that you have right now". And I open my eyes, and capture that scene of time. I try so hard to capture every single detail.

I want to be like a camera, which can capture snippets of time so accurately. Even all the details which you did not realise were there, can be seen in the picture, to be absorbed and digested over and over again when you look at the picture later on.

But there is always a fear, every time I take out that picture from the folder in my mind. Every single time I relive it in my mind, I feel like it is a book written with temporary ink. Every time I take it out, the ink gets smeared more. The picture starts to fade with time passed. The details get more and more faded till after awhile I wonder if they were really there.

So I try to keep the memories as best I only access it whenever I really miss it. Because I am afraid that one day, I'll try to see the picture, but find that it has gone.

This, is how I feel about my trip to Bali. I enjoyed every single moment of it, and I love the people there. Who knew that I would go on a holiday and come home with such a big lesson in life - that the best things in life, really do come free.

Pictures and more to follow shortly..=)

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