Monday, 31 January 2011

Oops I'm talking about work..

I try not to talk much about work once I get home but I'm really feeling so excited about my job at the moment!I've been learning more and more stuff, and I'm really getting a hang of it.

This week I was at one of our project construction sites for 3 days, and it was EXHAUSTING. We were there to check that all the fire protection systems are in place before the authorities come for the official testing. It was the first time I got to conduct this testing, and I was a little bit nervous at first - I didn't know how the contractors on site were going to react to a lady engineer. They could have just ignored and disrespected me, but they didn't! The first 2 days, I was there with my project manager, so there wasn't much of a problem. The true test came on the 3rd day when I had to go alone. I had to conduct the checks, but if the contractors treated me as a nobody, they wouldn't cooperate and do it properly. But it turned out that they were soooo respectful and they listened to me, and everything went so smoothly!

It's a funny situation when a younger person like me, especially a lady, has to give instructions to men who are so much older and who have so much more experience. But everything turned out amazing. The respect that they gave me makes me respect them even more.

Because the lifts weren't installed yet, we had to climb all the way up, and go back all the way down, a few times. By the end of it all, my legs muscles were really feeling like I had an intense workout at the gym!

On another note, I got my IELTS exam score on Friday, and I got 8.5 !! For those who don't know, this is an English exam, and I was really nervous about it when I sat for it. So I'm really pleased that that's over with now.. :)

I helped mom book her flight tickets last night. So it's all confirmed is flying to Melbourne on the 27th night, for good. I mean, she'll probably be back once a year or something..but yeah..she's moving to Melbourne. And I'll be moving to my dad's place. I'm not really looking forward to this drastic change in my life but I'm sure the Lord will be with me and give me comfort when I need Him most.

It's Chinese New Year this coming Thursday!!  I love CNY because it's just such a great time to get together with family members who you don't meet up with very often. I really wished my brother could come home to celebrate it with us but unfortunately his work doesn't allow it.

This past week there have been numerous enquiries as to my relationship status..I don't know if it's all the festivities coming up, and what with Valentine's Day around the corner, but everyone seems all hyped up about my being single! Haha. It's not that I'm intentionally trying to stay single, but so far everytime I felt like something might actually happen, it doesn't work out in the end. No matter how close it was. And it boggles my mind at times, but at the same time I'm happy that I didn't get into a relationship with anyone before really getting to know the person. In the past few months, I feel like I've learnt to enjoy just getting to know more and more people, and I'm not over-bothered with getting into a relationship just yet. It's only when someone actually asks me out that I get all flustered and don't know what to do. So maybe its a good thing that this doesn't happen very often. Hehe! Goodnight everyone.. :)