Sunday, 29 May 2011


I'm not looking for romance.
I don't need sweet smelling roses,
Or glittering gifts.
I don't need public display of affection,
Or for the world to know of our attraction.
I don't need a big house,
I just want a loving home.
I won't push our children to be perfect,
Because they already will be.
I don't need you to always be by my side,
Because the certainty in my heart that we will always be together is enough.

Because the world disappears when we're together. You and I. Is enough. 

-to whoever you are out there, I just haven't met you yet.


  1. Don't worry i am sure there is someone for each and everyone of us. though i have not met mine too

  2. Hi Anonymous, can I know who this is?

  3. hahaha... just came across ur blog. i think it is a nice blog

  4. Thank you :) Do feel free to visit more often..And it would be nice to get to know you.

  5. Hey Kim, love the poem! I believe with all my heart that God already has one ready for each of us. So hold on to that promise too :)