Saturday, 12 May 2012

I'm ready for the next phase

I thank God for every single person He has blessed me with in my life. Those who love me and stick around when I'm hard to deal with, those who have been there to just listen..listen..listen.., those wise ones who have given me such wonderful advice which at times were difficult to heed, and especially now, I thank God for those who I have found it difficult to communicate with. By blessing me with all those other people who stick around to listen to my 'woes' and reminded me of His word, I am finally ready to slowly but surely show love to those who I should love. Which includes (first and foremost) those who I find it difficult to communicate with.

p/s : God works in such interesting/surprising ways. Who would have ever guessed that my boss's wife would call me up for the first time and be the one who finally prepared my heart to heed God's teaching in my life.

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