Sunday, 17 January 2010

Flash back to the past

Went to The Curve with ex-college mates today, it was really nice to meet up with them, but I felt that something was missing.. was it the rest of them who were absent? Or was it that we've all matured in our own ways, developing our own little worlds, that being apart for so long has built walls between us that need time and effort to be torn down? Of course, there were still the classic jokes among us, which reminded me that some things NEVER change =)

Then dragged Sai Mun out to McD to teman me eat dinner. He actually counted out my calorie intake for the McChicken value meal that I had, which made me totally lose whatever trace of appetite that I had. I left half the fries untouched! This diet is working! Hahaha! 7kg weight loss here I come!!!

I guess the highlight of the night would have to be the fact that I messaged an ex to wish him happy belated birthday. For 4 years, there was a cold silence between us, which none of us tried to break (except a few months ago when I tried messaging him but was ignored(?)). At one point, we became enemies. But after tonight, after 4 years, now we're back to being friends. And it was nice to reminisce the past for a moment. To remember how much I loved him, the delirious times we had. I chose not to bring back the memories of what happened after to mind. But just to remember that it was the right choice, and that we can still be friends no matter what happened in the past between us.

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