Sunday, 17 January 2010

Never turn back

With all the technology that we have today, its so easy to access other people's lives, know almost everything thats going on in their lives. Doesn't matter if you're in Asia, Australia, UK, USA, or anywhere else in the world. Distance does not mean as much to us as it did just 50 years ago.

I see photos of friends in other countries, other places, and its so easy to be envious and start doubting if I made the right choice to come home. Wasn't it the same when I was studying in UK and looking at pictures of friends back home?

I have a choice to make. A huge decision. Will I lose you? Should I? I can't imagine life without you. But I can't cope with going away again so soon. I need to feel less. Make a decision without feeling. And not turn back.

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