Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Oftentimes we are so so much stronger than we thought we are.

Mom left on Sunday night. I prayed so hard that I wouldn't cry, and I didn't! At the airport, Mom was telling us all about her hilarious experiences during her holidays around the ASEAN countries and we were all laughing till our stomachs ached! It took our minds off her leaving, and it made things so much less painful saying goodbye.

My new room is nice and cosy, though I haven't finished unpacking. Still no internet, so this post is coming from my office! Haha! I've been trying to keep myself busy to take my mind off the silence of being alone, but last night my mom and brother rang, and hearing their voices made me so sad!

But I know I'll be ok.. :) And I look forward to saving up and travelling somewhere soon..I haven't decided where yet.


  1. Dear, always remember God is by ur side. Seek Him with all ur heart.

  2. we miss u too .. take care and be strong. we shall see u soon hehe ...

  3. u should save up and come here to see us