Saturday, 19 March 2011

Online in Old Town White Coffee update

I got some very good news yesterday..but I know I'm still not ready.
I love how time is such a relative thing. It can seem like it flies by when you're happy, and how it drags on and on when you aren't. And I love how everything sometimes flows so perfectly according to time if we remain patient.

On another note, I've been learning so much at work! I remember how at cell group on Friday night last week, we were asked to describe our past week in ONE word. My word was "responsibilities", because I was really getting more work and had to bear the responsibilities of solving some problems that the contractors were facing at the construction site. Then we were asked to describe the kind of week we would want to have the following week in one word, and my word was "control" because I had loads of work in the office and still had to go to the site to supervise our pre-fire inspection testing. I really hoped that I would be able to have control over the situation, and though I had to tell off one of the contractors for not completing their job, it turned out very well and work at the office was under control too.

So it has been a really exhausting week but I'm happy :)

I logged onto AirAsia to check ticket prices! Hope they don't go up too much when I get my pay next week. I really can't wait to see my babies in Bali again :)

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