Sunday, 25 September 2011

To my dearest grandma..

Yesterday, as I was driving back to Seremban to visit grandma, I suddenly remembered something which I said to her many years ago. I told her that I want to be able to give her some money each month after I start working. At that time, she seemed happy but sad at the same time, and she replied "I might not even be around anymore when you start working". Thankfully, I've had and still have the chance to keep my promise to her. I really thank God for that. 

Today, as we sat together, just the two of us, she told me that she wants to leave something behind for me when she passes on or when I get married. I couldn't help feeling sad when I heard that of course, but I was also happy. Not that I want her to give me anything, but because I knew that with her circumstances, her saying that meant that she knows how much I love her.There was once in the past when I thought that I was going to lose her. As I was feeding her in the hospital then, I just prayed and prayed that God wouldn't take her away so soon. And now, I wish so much that I will have the chance to bring someone back to meet her, to assure her that I have someone who is really good to me, who will take care of me always. And that she would be there to see me at my wedding, and hold my children in her arms. I love you grandma..

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