Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A weekend full of new experiences

Last week I suddenly decided that I wanted to get away on my own and go somewhere. So I drove myself to Malacca. It was really nice to explore and to meet new people. That's one reason why I sometimes like to go places on my own - because when I'm in a group, its so much easier to just stick together and not get to know new people.

I made friends with the owner of the backpacker's hostel that I stayed in, and also his very scary-looking but actually very nice friend. We stayed up till 2.30am just talking about anything and everything. I also met my friend's family for the first time while I was in Malacca, and I loved the experience of the different culture of another race. They even invited me for the wedding of a couple who I didn't even know, and I actually went! I looked like an alien among all the beautiful people dressed up for the event, not to mention the different skin colour! But it was lovely how I was warmly received there and how good the food was!

Straight after coming back to KL, I went to a shelter home for children who were either abused by their parents or whose mothers were abused by their fathers. Once again I realised how much I really do love children. Slowly as I spend more time getting to know how children are, I realise that many times we mistake children for being naughty when they actually have their reasons for acting that way. Inside, they are all the same - vulnerable, innocent little ones who need the love and attention of their parents/adults to patiently teach them what's right/wrong in life and at the same time nurture their creative minds to explore the world and its possibilities.

So it was quite an eye-opening weekend, where I got out of my comfort zone and experienced new things and met new people. I'd really love to do this again. 

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