Thursday, 30 July 2009

Back back back!

I'm back!!!
And...I've got news! I've just booked my flight tickets back home to Malaysia today...for the 15th of August. So I shall be arriving in KLIA at 9.30pm on the 16th of August.

Haven't updated for so longg.....I really hope to fill in on the big gap since the last update!

Loads of ups and downs...truly!

Now its time for bed, and tomorrow I shall hopefully receive the carton boxes that I need to fill up with the stuff I'm gonna ship back to Msia..

Oh btw, I finally found a long black cardigan that I like today in town..and bought a really really sweet top from New Look. Saw some other tops that I really really like in Topshop, but I have resisted today. Hopefully I'll forget about them by Friday when I go to town again, or else I'll really be broke!!!! Topshop is mean..why can't they lower their prices =(

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  1. hi happy to hear that u're finally going back to malaysia.yippee!! how long this time?really wish i could see u soon.