Saturday, 23 May 2009

Let us stand tall for Him

"I appreciated His stripes when I got my own"

These were words spoken by a former U.S. Air Force pilot who was captured and tortured by the North Vietnamese in 1966.

I was reading this article about how Christians viewed torture, and it tells us that a majority of Christians actually are not against torture. Most of them think that depending on the situation, torture is acceptable. Example: terrorist in country trying to bomb and kill many innocent souls, it is ok to torture them to 'dig' information from them.

I wouldn't say too much about what I think about this, because I need to study the Bible much much more before I have the confidence to take my own stand on some things. But anyway, back to the phrase by the AF pilot. This is one of those simple phrases which you read and it just hits you how true and meaningful it is.

Sometimes when we face difficulties, we have lotsss of pity for ourselves (I know I do). But I always forget that the Lord has suffered so so so much more than us, so much that it is immeasurable. Have I ever even tried to fathom the pain and sadness that He had inside when people rejected Him, when they spit on His face, when they tortured Him until His face was marred more than any man's?

I've always been very conscious of how people view me. And I do not like it when I know someone has something against me when I did not provoke him/her. But the Lord, He never hurt anyone at all. And the world was against Him. Even now, look at the number of people who sneer when they hear His name. He was the Son of God, the King of Kings - just stop for a moment and think about the immensity of this. I know this is a very childish way of imagining this, but imagine a king, with all his expensive clothes and good good food, and servants and everything he wants, he could have.

And now consider His willingness to come down to earth and suffer those sneers, torture, and then to die for us.

So now when you are 'rejected' by anyone, or if someone makes fun of your beliefs and stands, just remember - the Lord has suffered so much more for you. Now don't give up on your faith and stand tall for Him.

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