Thursday, 13 May 2010

I love : 伽藍雨

Some of you might know that I'm a fan of Jay Chou. 
I don't like him because of his looks, and sometimes I have to admit that his songs are too typical and I don't like all of them just because they were written by him. 

What I like about him is his attitude. 
His family situation is very similar to mine. He loves his mom and grandma a lot, and is not shy to show it. 
He is famous, but I never felt that he is boastful or pompous. 

Sometimes when I listen to his songs, I have a very special feeling which I find very difficult to explain, but I'll try. 
I especially love those which have a classic Chinese feel to them, sort of reminds me of songs which you would hear from China during my grandparents' time.
For example, 東風破(Dong Feng Po) and 发如雪(Fa Ru Xue).
The instruments he use are also quite unique at times, using traditional Chinese instruments which not many people know how to play anymore. 

These songs make me feel some sort of a connection with Jay Chou, other than the fact that we come from quite similar backgrounds. 
Another fact about me that not many people might know is that I love traditional Chinese culture. 
I've always had a feeling of wanting to go back to the 1920's in China, especially Shanghai, to an era where the Chinese were starting to be influenced by Westerners in terms of fashion and entertainment, amongst other things.

When I listen to these songs, I almost feel like I'm transported back to these times. 
And I feel like Jay Chou and I are alike in this way as well, that we are in the modern world, but we love looking back to the past. 
We admire the rich culture of the Chinese, and I feel like I'm very close to Jay Chou when I listen to these unconventional songs of his. Almost like we are siblings. 
Haha I know its silly. But oh well, that's the best I can do to explain the feeling I get when I hear his songs.

He has a new album coming out, and a good friend sent me this Youtube link. I LOVE it. The song is called


I feel like Jay is going back to his own style, the style which made me fall in love with his songs. 


  1. Yah, i totally agree with you about Jay recent songs... i am a 周杰倫 fans too since his 1st ever album when people say he cant even pronounce the lyrics accurately when he sing, how can he even get famous... I love some of his songs very much because there is quite many of his song which carries very meaningful and beautiful lyrics =)
    His last 2 albums has been a bit too commercialized i feel, kind of rush production and lost... Until this album, his new song 超人不会飞 lyrics is really awesome and the rhythm is just great =)

  2. Haha, hi Sonny!
    So glad that there's another Jay supporter who feels like he is 'coming back' to his own style.
    Yeah the last 2 albums, it felt like he was exploring other styles, try to make things fresh..but I think this style is his trademark, and his best. =)