Thursday, 27 May 2010

Letters to Juliet..

So yesterday was my last day at work, and it turned out just how I wanted it to be. Simple, nothing out of the ordinary, and not sad.
I can get reallyyyy sentimental at times, and I just didn't want that to happen..even though I felt really sad leaving. 

After work, my colleagues arranged a farewell dinner for me, and we went over to Puchong for some dim sum. It was just so wonderful to be able to hear their laughter for the last time, and laugh along with them. 
At previous dinners, I didn't dare make a sound, because I always felt that I need to respect the seniors(managers and assistant managers). I know it's silly, because opening my mouth to join in the conversation would surely come across better than sitting there just smiling like I'm nuts. 
But tell that to the introvert in me. I'm still shy by nature, and its time like these, when I don't NEED to speak up, that this character of mine surfaces. 

Today, I slept in till 9am..and woke up to a bright complexion - I love it when I don't wake up to a zombie looking at me in the mirror. =) 
Then I washed my clothes, and got ready to go to Sunway Pyramid to enjoy my first day off work!

I really wanted to watch Letters to Juliet, so I got myself a ticket, then went to Wong Kok Restaurant to have lunch(didn't like the waiter - he looked at me like I'm a freak just because I was eating alone..) and then went to the cinema. 
The movie was AMAZING. I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it!
It started with the song by Colbie Caillat - You Got Me, and I knew right then that it was gonna be good. 
It was funny and romantic, and the scenery in the movie was sooo beautiful!!
The plot is just so unique, and so touching..
Writing a letter to Juliet, 50 years pass, and receiving a amazing it must feel to get that letter in the post.
Most of the movie was filmed in Verona, Italy. 
I've always loved Italy .. and I wished so much that I could go visit again...

And it wasn't just the scenery either..I really loved looking at the lovely dresses and outfits they had for Sophie(Amanda Seyfreid)..

Its really refreshing to know that there is still true love in the world, after seeing all the things we see in this day and age.

And to know that true love always passes the test of wondeful. That even if you don't end up with that person, he/she will still always be your true love..and no one can take that from the both of you.


  1. I saw the trailer and i wanted to watch it too..but i guess ending is quite predictable though..ahh..anyways kim do take care and hope u have a wonderful experience ahead of u!

  2. Gah, reading this review makes me want to watch it too! *touched my sentimental soul*