Thursday, 5 August 2010

After a longggg hiatus..

FINALLY....after a bit more than 2 months in Bali, I manage to get into my Blogger account and update my blog!!!! I can't describe how much I've missed blogging!! There are just some things which I can't make myself say on my Facebook update status. Some are too personal, that I only want the people who are interested enough in my little boring life to look in my blog to know.

So, I think I'll just give a very condensed version of my life for the past 2 months living in the children's home in Bali.

I got to Seeds of Hope Children's Home on the 1st of June, and the first week was really emotional for me. I felt so lonely at times, even though I was surrounded by 60 children all the time! I was feeling homesick, and I really wished I could talk to some of my friends back home..But thankfully, after the 2nd week, I got so much closer to all the children and the volunteers that I didn't feel so lonely anymore. I also tried to help around in the kitchen, play with the children, and started following the children to Youth meetings in church and worship on Sundays.

It was quite difficult speaking Indonesian at first, even though it was pretty similar to Malay. The intonation and the words they use in everyday life is so different from Malay! At first I could hardly understand when some of the children spoke to me. But last week, I was in Ubud, and a man there didn't believe me when I said I was Malaysian, because he said I speak Indonesian very well, and I even sound like a Balinese!! I was like..REALLY??? But anyway, I was really flattered, because it honestly wasn't easy at the start to speak Indonesian.

Now, I feel so much at home at the children's home that I know it is going to be SOOOO hard leaving. I am definitely not looking forward to it. And it doesn't help that people keep putting these ideas in my head that I could move to Bali!! I think I've learnt from the past few months that I should never say never..and I'm not saying that I will never move to Bali, because goodness, I DO want to. Badly. But I know in my head that now is not the time. I still have some things to settle in Malaysia before I can even start thinking about such a huge step in my life. Its just that I feel so much like an older sister for the children, and I know I can help them in my own way if I lived here...

There are too many things to say that I really don't know what to write! Now that I've found the password to my own blog, I'm gonna try to update more often with some daily events that happen at the home. Because there is always always always something going on there.

So stay tuned, whatever readers of my blog are left. =)


  1. Hi Kim! i'm still your loyal blog reader! haha...glad that u're settling in well in Bali! Do take care ya. Keep looking to the Lord always.Miss our girly times together.hehe


  2. i hope you have a fanastic month there with the children. you look like you are doing a grand job and that the children really like you kim! enjoy every minute of it and know that God has placed you where you are for a reason, and that God will be with you too as you leave. HE is in it all!!
    btw, i showed sheila your photos on facebook last week! she was happy to see them and to 'see' you =)
    miss you!

  3. Rachel: Thank u so much for still reading my dear!!!! Hehe yes I'm really settling well, maybe too well for my own good! Haha. The children and even some of the adults are asking me to work in Bali! How are you? Write me an email soon? Missing u too..hugs!

    Janelle: Thanks J,you wouldn't believe how much the Lord has helped me since I've been here and how much closer I am to Him now that I've seen His love in a place where they depend so much on Him for His provision in their lives. I've realised how much I've taken His love and everything He has given me for granted. Please tell Sheila that I miss her very very very much, and she is always on my mind. miss u and the family very much as