Monday, 6 September 2010

My Much love Monday

My first post for Much Love Monday - a sweet letter from my crazy roomie Shae when I was living at the Children's Home in Bali. She's the sweetest ever..she secretly put it in my luggage on the night I was leaving and only told me about it afterwards. I don't often receive letters, and this was the best souvenir I could have asked for from Bali..

So, I need to mention one thing that I love..I suppose that would have to be a letter from someone I love. No matter family, friends, or a guy =)

Hope all of you are enjoying your Monday so far...much love to you from me.

Kim xxx


  1. I to letters, doesn't matter whom they are from letters are so special.
    what a beautiful friend you have there.... what a special time to remember...have a wonderful week

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Yes indeed it was a very special time to remember, I was there in Bali for 3 months at the Children's Home as a volunteer..and I got really close to all the children and people there.
    Hope you have a wonderful week too!!

  3. hand-written letters are my favorite :)

  4. Hi Celeste,
    yeap definitely!!
    wish i could receive more =)