Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My last day at the Children's Home

Today is my last day at the Children's Home. I've dreaded this day from 2 months ago. But surprisingly, very very surprisingly, I feel fine today. 2 days ago, I said to Shae(my lovely crazy roommate) that I felt really sad, and she said "Wait till you wake up on Wednesday morning"..and I was thinking the same thing, I thought I would feel awful today, but I don't.

Last night, Anand and Sabrina from Holland treated us all to a hugeee dinner, with grilled fish and ice cream after! We had our meal outside, and the weather was perfect. After dinner, we started snapping pictures, and it was really fun. Then some of us went into Kuta on the bikes, and it was just such a silly, totally unforgettable night.

This morning, I got up at 8am, hoping I wouldn't just start crying all of a sudden, but as I said, I felt fine. And after having a shower, I walked out and what do I see, Kristian and Kenzo trying to have a shower on their own. This is definitely the first time I have ever ever seen Kenzo wanting to have a shower on his own. I need to explain, this is the boy who usually starts bawling his eyes out the moment you try to take his shirt off for a shower. It was such a sight, I'm sure my jaw dropped open before I realised it wasn't my imagination and I helped them shower. And Kenzo didn't cry at all!!! He usually HATES to have his head wet, but he didn't cry, all he said was that he was scared, and I gently told him that its just water and there's nothing to be afraid of. Oh I wish I could stay a bit longer to really get him used to showering and show him that a shower is nothing to be scared of.

So my day started in such a surprisingly wonderful way that I think I can cope with it. Thank you Lord for this day.

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