Monday, 27 June 2011

It doesn't get more international than this..

I went with my dad, brother and stepmom to KL today, for an event to celebrate the 113th Anniversary of the Philippines Independence Day. It was a wee bit different from how Malaysians celebrate our Merdeka Day (usually just sitting at home watching tv), but it was nice. There were performances by a few bands from the Philippines, and if there is one thing I must say about Filipinos, they can sing. I haven't met all that many Filipinos I must admit, but of all those whom I have met, they can really really sing!

So we were having a good time, just enjoying the music, when one of the bands started singing Waka Waka by Shakira. The last sentence in the chorus says "'Cos this is Africa!", and the band modified it instead to "'Cos this is Malaysia!". And at that moment, I realized how international we were. There was I, a Malaysian, attending an event to celebrate the anniversary of the Filipino Independence Day, listening to a song which was sung by a Colombian for the World Cup which was held in Africa, Malaysian version!

No matter how much violence and hatred we see in the world, we need to remember that there is still love in the world. That there is still peace among the chaos, there is respect between nations amidst the political unrest, and there is hope. There is hope that we can find in the faces of others, if we only stop for a moment in our lives to see it.

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