Saturday, 25 June 2011

Me and fishes.

I'm really really proud of myself today!! I came back to Seremban to see grandma and my aunt and cousins, and I helped my aunt cook dinner! And most of all, I learned how to take the scales off a fish, and how to clean out everything disgusting from inside the fish, to make it reallyyy tasty afterwards. Yay!! I wasn't even disgusted when I used my fingers to dig into the fish and clean out all the intestiney things. felt good! 

I've always found cooking to be a beautiful art. It's so amazing how happy you can make someone by cooking them something! I just never had the chance to really learn how to do it. But I plan to! It was so embarassing to admit to the children and the home in Bali that I don't know how to cook. Not that well anyway. And there they were helping out with the cooking and being so proffesional, making me look bad..LOL! I shall prove that this girl is not only an engineer, but an engineer who can cook!! Hah! :)

Time for bed, huahmmm....Goodnight! 

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