Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A day full of surprises

After writing the last blog post 2 days ago, I prayed about something, asking God to please take away the feeling of hopelessness that I was feeling in regards to a certain situation. It was about something that He recently showed me will happen, but the circumstances now seem bleak and I was losing hope quickly. I said to Him, "I know You promised me it would happen, but I don't know if I want it anymore..it's too painful to hope and wait. Please take it away if it isn't meant to be!" I then went to sleep, still crying. When I woke up the next morning, I checked my phone, and there it was. The answer to my prayer. Which I had waited for months for. He answered my prayer 12 minutes after I prayed it, in the middle of the night. No words are enough to describe how powerful and kind He is...to speak to me so clearly.

About today, it started with a colleague walking past my desk at lunch time while I was reading. He asked me what book was I reading, and I was a little uncertain whether to show him, because it was about a missionary in China. He quickly went to his desk and came back to show me the book he was reading, which was about Israel. He told me some very interesting things about Israel(I must go one day!) and I then showed him my book.

I also told him about my hopes to go to Nepal in August, which I wasn't sure whether it was right to share about. Surprisingly, he was so interested and asked me many questions which I know I will be answering many times over once I announce my plans to more people. What started off with me being so afraid of someone else's view of me, turned out to be a truly encouraging discussion about God's work in the world.

After work, I then went looking for something which I knew was going to be a bit difficult to find. I found one, which was reduced from $60 to $35. It was still more than I was willing to pay,considering the fact that I found one online for less than $10. After looking almost everywhere and almost caving in to get the $35 one, I suddenly thought of going to a certain shop which has bits and bobs of everything. After searching high and low and almost walking out, out of the corner of my eye, on the lowest shelf, I found what I wanted. For $2.95! I very nearly did a happy dance right there!

Then, I walked past a shop and saw a lip scrub that I needed, which comes in 3 flavors. I decided on the one I liked most, but there wasn't any left. Normally I would've just walked off, but I somehow decided to open my 'golden mouth' and ask the sales assistant, who seemed to be very busy, whether they had anymore stock at the back. She said "Oh there are some right at the front of the shop" and I was so glad that I asked. Then she said "By the way, they're 50% off". Which was why they were  put separately from the other 2 flavors which were full price! Again, WIN!

I then came home, and after dinner I decided I'll try making salted caramel icing again. I've tried twice in the past and both times it turned out way too sweet and too runny. And guess what, it turned out PERFECT! I am always very critical of whatever I cook or bake, but this time I liked it so much, and it was a huge relief because I am making 48 salted caramel cupcakes for my friends' wedding this weekend and I really wanted them to taste good for the guests who will be there!

Then, because I had extra cream, I decided to make creme brulee. I found an egg which looked much longer than the usual shape of eggs, and took a picture. When I cracked it open, there were 2 egg yolks in it, one at each end of the shell, because the egg was so long!

Some of these were just small surprises, but I love surprises, big or small..and I appreciate every little good thing that happens. It reminds me that I am loved.

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