Monday, 12 January 2015

The past weekend has been so magical!! I was so busy Friday and Saturday. 

The cupcakes

The initial plan was to relax on Friday night after work, but I somehow felt I should start the baking process. And am I glad I did! I thought I would be alright making all the cupcake dough in one batch, but it almost ended up being a disaster! Also, I was using new baking cups which Rachel (the beautiful bride) gave me, and I didn't know how long to bake them for. Anyway, I managed it in the end, and I did proper icing decoration for the first time on Saturday morning! 

I'm so so glad that Rachel approached me to make some cupcakes, and even though I didn't end up making very many, I enjoyed every minute of the process. I realized that consistent with my character, I often focused more on making/baking stuff which tasted good, more than on the appearance of it. Knowing that these cupcakes were for a wedding gave me that extra push to learn how to decorate, and also to actually taste and alter the recipes the way I like them. There's just something about the calm and focused process of decorating that felt really really good. And of course, looking at the final product, feels oh so good. 

Baking with music to sing along to - the best!

Does anyone else feel really happy looking at butter and eggs?
My favourite Babushka apron

Makeup, Hair & Dress
After the cupcakes were decorated, it was then my turn to be made up. Hair and makeup were done by looking at tutorials online. I have much to improve on, but again, I enjoyed the whole process of trying something new. I believe this year will be filled with many more new experiences, so I'd better enjoy it!

The wedding. 

Oh the wedding. Oh my. I was quite excited about the long drive to the venue alone - I've always loved long drives alone. And the journey was so enjoyable. I'd never been down that direction before, and I couldn't believe how scenic it was! I wished I could stop the car to snap some pictures but there wasn't anywhere to stop by the side of the road. It was so relaxing to wind down the windows, blast the music, and just sing along while driving. 

Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures during the ceremony, as the lovely couple requested us to be in the moment, instead of getting busy snapping away. And boy was I in the moment. I could hardly hold back my tears when Rachel said her vows. I don't think I've ever heard such heartfelt vows. The part where she said "I promise I will never leave this marriage. There might be times when I would want to, but I promise I never will.". 

A bit of a back story. My parents got divorced when I was 7. Even before the papers were signed, the family never really felt complete. And I think because of that, one of my main aims in life is to have a loving family of my own. I promised myself that I would rather be single than to marry someone who isn't right for me, because I knew I would never ever leave the marriage. And I want someone who would be happy to say the same. 

So Rachel, if you are reading this, thank you for reminding me what marriage is about. A true reflection of Christ and the church, where He never leaves us, no matter how we rebel against Him at times. 

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