Tuesday, 27 January 2015

So...the weekend away was GREAT, as expected. Everyone was so united, and we really enjoyed His presence throughout the retreat. The worship sessions were so amazing that I felt myself thanking God over and over for His mercies in bringing such a diverse group of people together with one purpose : to worship His holy name. When we worship with such intensity, not only is His name lifted high, but we are also opening our lives to Him to use us to reach out to others. I am so amazed at how much He has done in Bread of Life in the short amount of time since I joined the church. And I truly believe that He is going to do much more this year, and our group of young adults will be stronger than ever before, standing up for His glory and purposes.

On the second night there, as I went out in the dark to throw out the rubbish, I looked up at the sky and saw stars - more than I have ever seen before. It was so, so beautiful. I couldn't stop looking! I really love looking at the stars, and I really love laying down next to someone I love and admiring the beauty of His works.

I went back inside and got a few of the others(Sarah, Rachel, Jason, DanFan) to join me star-gazing, and Sarah pointed out some star groups so we knew a bit more of what we were looking at. The sweetest part of the whole night for me was when we started story-telling, each of us adding a few words to the story, which ended up being about a pig with wings, who couldn't fly because he was overweight. SHO CUTE. And we also played the laughing game, which was so funny!

Back to work today, but I haven't done very much today because there isn't much to do.

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