Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Happy happy ang ku kueh

Just came back from 'yam cha' session with Simimo..was really nice to catch up with her after the longggg time we haven't been keeping in touch with each other. We went to a place next to Asia Cafe, called Taiwan Dessert sth? I thought the prices there were quite good and affordable, considering everything else(food especially) has increased exponentially in price over the few years I've been away.

I had Tau Foo Fa with was quite nice, not a normal combination..but I enjoyed it. And because the place was starting to get really crowded, we decided to be good and give up our seats to people who needed them more. So we then proceeded to Starbucks a few doors away, and KS treated me to Green Tea Frappucino, which I've missed SOOO Much because they don't have that in UK.

(Need to get clearer pics from Sim's camera)

I was watching The Little Nyonya today and looking at all the kuih that they were making. I listened to the explanations, that a Peranakan girl who knew how to make nice kuih was more likely to find a better husband than those who don't. And also, that the nicer the kuih was, the happier their families would be. So I decided to try making 'ang ku kueh'...and after further inquiry, Qig said that his mom has the ang ku kueh mould which she is not using anymore..would I like it? YES! Want to try making ASAP, in time for next Saturday ;)

For those not sure what an 'ang ku kueh' is...its sticky on the outside, and is filled with green bean paste. One of the nicest traditional kuihs that I like =) And according to a blogger, , it symbolises longevity and prosperity.

Interview tomorrow...Part of me is looking forward to getting it over with, but part of me is nervous. I don't know why. I guess I'm still always afraid of failure. This is the me which I try to hide, and to overcome. But I think old habits die hard..and I'll need more experience to teach me how to have more confidence in myself.

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