Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I know why now..

I was feeling really down a couple of days ago, and I couldn't point my finger on what was wrong. I kept feeling like crying without a reason. I knew it had to do with leaving to go back home, but I was really confused because when I decided to go back to Malaysia, it was the only thing I wanted. It was all I could think about, all my loved ones who I could finally meet again, and the places that I've missed, the food that I long for.

Thankfully, Junwei came online when I was feeling most down(as always - thanks Junwei..really love u lots), and I finally managed to talk about how I felt. And found out what was wrong. The reason was that all this while, I was happy to go home because I thought I would finally be able to see my loved ones..but ONLY NOW did I realise that I have loved ones here too!! Loved ones who I really don't wish to leave behind. I've made lots of new friends here, all the while still focusing on my friends back home. But without realising it, without making a conscious effort at all, I've become close to them..and I can honestly say that some of them are now closer to me and know me better than those who I've been so excited to meet again back home. That's why I've been feeling so sad.

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