Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Thinking selfish thoughts again =(

Am finally home in Malaysia and getting used to it.. Or maybe not really..I don't know. It just feels kinda weird. Maybe that's because everything happened so quickly.

Really happy that I have my own room..I know my mom misses me because I'm not so close by anymore, but I'm still really near her..feel bad, but I think this is the right decision.

Went out with my SAM friends yesterday, it was really nice to catch up with them..but feel so kesian for them, they're all so busy and stressed up...it just really reminds me of what I felt myself just before I graduated, and its horrible to see them going through the same thing and not being able to advice them on how to get through it except that the end of the tunnel WILL come and that everything will just work out fine after that. We'll all survive university life!!TRUST ME!

One more thing...I really really miss my friends in UK. I keep thinking about them all the time..wondering what they're doing at the moment..wishing that I could chat with them online..but because of the time difference, they're either working or sleeping =(
Why can't I be greedy and force them to come back? I feel so selfish..but I really miss them!!

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  1. and we miss you too kim!
    are you not living with your mom? whats the story there? you say you have your own room... fill us in chica =)