Monday, 24 August 2009

Lots of words this time

I went ice-skating was really really fun. Met a few new friends from the assembly, glad to have had the chance to know them better. I fell a few times, but there was once when i fell really hard on my bum and now I can't sit straight seriously hurts!!

I've been making an effort to try things that I've never tried before. I think I learned that from Ross in Friends, there was this episode where he made a New Year resolution to try one new thing each day. Well I don't think I have the time and chance to try one new thing each day, so I've been trying to tell myself to take up challenges or explore new things at every opportunity I get. So yesterday when Steph asked me to go ice-skating today, I just said yes immediately even though I knew very well that I can't skate. Haha. And I forced myself to learn to balance and to learn how to skate properly. Even though I haven't fully learnt it, I kinda know how it's done now, and I think I can go practise on my own next time.

And also, I drove out to Shih Wei's place just now(night time)..I haven't been driving for over a year..and last year even when I came back, I hardly touched the car because I was scared. So when Shih Wei said that if I am scared, I shouldn't drive out, I told myself ..if I don't overcome this fear now, I'm never going to overcome it. And I'll be just sitting in other people's cars all the time..which I feel bad for! Something really funny happened though, I stopped the car at the guardhouse near his place to fill in the visitor's book, and after finishing and the guard removed the barrier for me, I shifted to Reverse gear instead of Drive! Lucky I didn't step on the accelerator yet. The guard was really shocked when he saw that, and I could just feel his fear when I started moving the he didn't want to stand too near...I probably gave him a big big fright! Thank goodness I didn't shift to reverse gear when I stopped at traffic lights, otherwise I would have surely hit the car behind!!

I feel like going shopping tomorrow..not buying stuff, but just trying on stuff..hehe

Oh and I found out that I will have a uniform when I go to work.. @.@ so sad..I look horrible in any uniform,regardless of shape,size, or colour. So how? =(

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