Friday, 7 August 2009

Trying to update regularly

I'm halfway through with my packing, really excited about going home now!

Going to Wales tomorrow, wonder if we will be able to have a campfire tomorrow night when we arrive. And Saturday will be so fun, SS and KF are gonna wear their bikinis ;) !! And I'm gonna be wearing my swimsuit from H&M which somehow creates a sort of optical illusion that I AM SLIM! Hahahahaha happiness of happiness.

I'm back to Pet Society in Facebook and its so fun! I've been fishing a lot in there, and also in this other game called Fish a Fish. Feel like a little child, cos I get so excited everytime I catch a new fish haha.

Need a haircut, my hair seems to be growing so quickly nowadays..especially the fringe..argh!

Oh and, I'm already watching the final episode of Gossip's so nice..and it makes me wonder whether there are really girls as nice as Serena, who are beautiful, rich, and at the same time, CARING! Wish there were more girls like her in real life. And how nice it would be if I had legs as long and neverending as hers =)

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