Monday, 4 October 2010

Much Love Monday : Yummy felt cake!

I made this for mom the first week I got back from Bali while waiting for replies from job applications.
I couldn't get a very good picture of it using my phone..but the cream part in this picture is actually bright yellow and it looks really bright and cheerful..

When I was young, I loved drawing pictures and cards for mom.
I'm sure lots of you did that as well when you were young. =)
But unfortunately as we grow up, we kind of forget how much more meaningful these are to our parents rather than expensive gifts.

Mom is moving to Melbourne in a few months' time...I hope she'll place this next to her bed when she's there and think of me every night before she goes to sleep. 


  1. very nice =D really dint know you made them yourself..=D i'm also crafter..i'm an avid one =p

  2. thanks cass..
    haha i'm not crafty at all..but i would really love to be..